Strategic Assets

Domestic and global markets today. Space markets tomorrow.

The path to Mars? It’s still under construction. But while the itinerary for the Red Planet is being developed, remember that when your operation needs rapid delivery to any location here on earth, Hancock County is the right-here, right-now, get-there choice.

Strategically positioned on the Gulf Coast, Stennis International Airport is an unique aerospace resource.  Located just outside the eastern rim of the 125,000-acre buffer zone for Stennis Space Center, Stennis International Airport has minimal encroachment and a wide capacity for a variety of manned and unmanned aircraft and aerospace operations with new, available facilities to meet all capability needs.

Coming soon to Stennis International Airpoort – a second runway that is 4,000ft. long, 90ft. wide with 500′ overruns which will support our future spaceport activities for horizontal launch as well as DoD operations.  Our close proximity to Stennis Space Center will allow aerospace companies to research, manufacture, test, and ultimately launch in the same area; thereby drastically reducing costs and increasing innovative success.




In addition, Stennis International Airport is approximately 50 miles from New Orleans, LA; 70 miles from Camp Shelby; and 90 miles from Mobile, AL. Stennis International Airport is located in Foreign Trade Zone #92 and has strategic domestic access in every direction, thanks to five Interstate and state highways: I-10, I-12 and I-59, as well as U.S. Highways 49 and 90. On-the-go trucking services green-light rapid shipment of products and goods across the U.S. and around the globe with the deep-water port of New Orleans only a 40-minute drive away. While the immediate market opportunities are impressive, Hancock County’s multimodal logistics, combined with an abundance of routes, assures the accelerated domestic and global reach to put companies at Stennis Space Center in the lead. Race to markets, race to a more powerful bottom line.