Rates & Charges

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Fuel Flowage Fees

Any transaction of fuels (Jet A, AvGas – 100LL, unleaded auto fuel, diesel fuel, etc) pumped into an aircraft refueler, aircraft, ground support equipment, and/or approved fuel storage containers) are subject to an Airport Fuel Flowage Fees.  That fee will be a one-time $0.14 per gallon of fuel transferred.  A monthly $0.05 per gallon storage fee will be assessed to all aviation “de-fueled” fuel storage.

Agricultural Operations

Any agricultural operator operating on a temporary basis at KHSA will pay a $500 per week Ramp Fee.  This fee includes access to the ramp, parking for up to two (2) aircraft and parking for up to two (2) pieces of ground support equipment.  Additional aircraft and ground support equipment will pay a $100 per week Airport Ramp Fee.

Security Services – Designated Ramp Observer (DRO)

Aircraft owner/operators desiring specific aircraft security with security guard (ARFF contractor) service will pay $25.00 per hour for that service. Four (4) hour minimum.

Security Services – Law Enforcement Officer (LEO)

Aircraft owner/operators desiring specific aircraft security with said personnel having arrest authority (Law Enforcement Officer) will pay $40 per hour for that service. Four (4) hour minimum.

Para-jumping Drop Zone Fee

Private, commercial and military parachute/para-jumping operators (Not operating under the JUA) will pay a $500 per week Drop Zone Fee for use of the Stennis International Airport Drop Zone. ** Operations will abide by Stennis International Airport’s Rules & Regulations, Section 5.14 for Parachute/Para Jumping Operations. ** 

Rental Rates - Long Term with Lease
Office Space - Private$12.50/square foot/year
Office Space - Public$6.25/square foot/year
Hangar Storage$6.75/square foot/year
Hangar w/ Fire Suppression, built prior to 2018$2.75/square foot/year
Hangar w/o Fire Suppression, built prior to 2018$2.00/square foot/year
New hangar rates built after 2018 will be based on an amortized schedule based on economic development factors.
T-hangars (rates include utilities and insurance)
Electric Bi-fold Doors:$375.00/month
End Storage Units (Small):$100.00/month
End Storage Units (Large):$175.00/month
Rates for newly constructed hangars after 2018 will be based on cost of hangar amortized over its useful life, taking into account maintenance and repairs.
Ground Rent (For Hangar/Office Construction)
Unimproved ground:$0.50/square foot/year
Improved land:$0.625/square foot/year
Flight Line:$0.75/square foot/year
Tie Down Rental Rates with Lease - (Long Term)
Single/Twin (<12,500lbs):$55.00/month
Turbo Prop or similar size aircraft:$210.00/month
Jet or similar size aircraft:$400.00/month
Large Jet/Multi Engine:Coordinate with HCPHC Management
Hangar Rental - (Long Term) with Lease - per aircraft
Turbo Prop (King Air/PC12)$1,200.00/month
Small Jet (12,500 - 20,000 lbs)$1,500.00/month
Medium Jet (20,001 - 40,000 lbs.)$2,000.00/month
Large Jet (<40,000 lbs)$3,500.00/month
Through-the-fence Access Fees

Any off airport company (privately owned property adjoining the airport property but not owned and operated by the Hancock County Port and Harbor Commission) will enter into a Through-the-Fence Agreement and pay a fee of $0.25 per square foot per year on Hangar Deck and Office Space, or $0.05 per square foot per year on all property (ground) abutting airport property, or $6,000 per year – whichever number is greater. Through- the-fence Operators will also pay any other applicable airport rates and/or charges.

Airport/FBO Collected

Landing Fee

Any aircraft operator operating an aircraft with a published maximum gross landing weight of 12,500 pounds or greater will pay an Airport Landing Fee. That Airport Landing Fee will be $5.00 per 1,000 pounds of published gross landing weight.

Special Event Fees

Special Event fees will be declared by the Commission as to the effective date of enactment. Fees will be bases on aircraft size. 

Tie Down Rental Rates (Short Term)
Turbo Prop$40.00/night
Small/Medium Jet >100,000 lbs$75.00/night
Large Jet <100,000 lbs MTOW$1.00/1,000 lbs. MOTW/night
Hangar Rental (Short Term)
Turbo Prop (King Air/PC12)$170.00/night
Small Jet (12,500-20,000 lbs)$215.00/night
Medium Jet (20,001 - 40,000 lbs)$285.00/night
Large Jet (<40,000 lbs)$500.00/night

** Hancock County Port and Harbor Commission does reserve the right to escalate prices.
**Published rates and charges are applicable in the absence of any other agreements.
**All rates and charges are subject to change within 30 days written notice.
**All rates and charges do not include insurances and/or taxes unless stated.