Airport Badging

Stennis International Airport issues three different types of badges for customers at Stennis International Airport (HSA) as required under the Airport’s Rules and Regulations:

  • Movement Area (Runways & Taxiways + Non-Movement Area)
  • Non-Movement Area (Aircraft Ramp Areas
  • ID Only* (no driving privileges)

* Airport ID badges are issued to those individuals who do not require driving privileges and similar Gate Cards are issued for those customers residing in the General Aviation Operating Area(s) such as T-Hangar customers..

Temporary Badges can also be issued to customers at the sole discretion of the Director’s Office. More information can be  found under the Airport Rules and Regulations:

HSA Rules and Regulations

Initial & Renewal Process 

1. Complete an AOA Authorization Form – signed by both the Applicant and the Authorized Signatory.

2. Email signed AOA Authorization Form to Director’s Office at

3. Director’s Office will review for approval the Authorization Form and email the Applicant required training instructions through the Digicast The Applicant MUST follow all instructions regarding the training.

4. Once training is complete, the Applicant must contact the Director’s Office at or (228) 467-7070 to verify training is complete and schedule a time to pickup the Airport Badge.

5. To pickup the badge, the Applicant must bring a current/valid Driver’s License and provide payment as requested by the Director’s Office.

Initial Fee: $25.00          Renewal Fee: $15.00          Replacement Fee: $50.00

6. Renewals must be completed prior to the expiration date and no sooner than sixty (60) days prior. Failure to renew in a timely manner may subject the Applicant to loss of privileges and/or            additional fees.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is required to obtain an airport badge?

Anyone who requires access to and has an operational need to operate within the Air Operations Area (areas inside the airport perimeter fence) or as required by the Director’s Office.

What is an Authorized Signatory?

An Authorized Signatory is defined as a LESSEE, PERMITTEE, or otherwise responsible party as prescribed in a written agreement with the Hancock County Port and Harbor  Commission, who can verify the operational need of the Applicant who requires access to the Air Operations Area (AOA) and/or confirm that the applicant is an employee or contractor working for a customer authorized to conduct business at the Stennis International Airport.

Who is my Authorized Signatory?

You may contact the Director’s Office at 228-467-7070 or via email at for further information. Note: T-Hangar customers will not require a Signatory unless needing access to the Security Identification Display Area or SIDA. 

Who is responsible for payment of the fee(s)?

The Applicant is the responsible party, but an Authorized Signatory may make payment on behalf of the Applicant.

How can a payment be made?

All payments shall be via check or money order made out to “Stennis International Airport”.


AOA Authorization Form

HSA Rules and Regulations

Authorized Signatory Form